The Future of the World

Is in Our Hands!

Just like we did after Pearl Harbor, we Americans must create and convert as quickly as possible millions of jobs — green jobs this time — that both take us out of our recession and help reduce and eliminate pollution -- the largest unacknowledged tax and irresponsible experiment on society and future generations in history. (If you're not so sure America and civilization is at such great risk, please see What We Face.) Anything less than our best effort in this may not be enough, so why take that chance? For the sake of our children, their future and children around the world, we all need to join together in The Human Race for a Healthy Planet!

The Future of the World is in Our Hands

Please sign and send your friends and network this vitally important petition to President Obama and Congress.

Petition for a Green Recovery & Green America

Super Summary: Our Solution to Pollution

Pollution — whether greenhouse gas, chemical, fine particle, radioactive,  heavy metal or genetic — is the largest unacknowledged tax and uncontrolled experiment on society and future generations in history. The best way to reduce and eliminate pollution is to

1. Call it out as a killer tax,

2. Figure out how much it costs, and then levying predictably increasing Anti-Pollution Tax (APT) taxes on it,

3. That way reducing pollution (and one’s APT taxes) becomes more profitable than polluting!…and cleaner and safer goods, services and methods of production will increasingly underprice and replace their more dirty and dangerous counterparts — all of which will lead to an increasingly cleaner, healthier, safer and more sustainable America.

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