Summary of Petition

For a Green Recovery & Green America

  • Call out pollution — whether greenhouse gas, chemical, genetic, fine particle, radioactive or heavy metal — as a huge unacknowledged, unvoted on killer tax on America and make it clear and visible with predictably increasing Anti-Pollution Tax (APT) taxes on pollution. This gives consumers, businesses and investors time, certainty and incentive to figure how best to continually reduce their pollution.  The game changer: Continually reducing ones pollution and thus ones APT taxes either going down or slowing down depending where they are in their cycle becomes more profitable than polluting! So companies who continually reduce their pollution will underprice, outcompete and replace their competitors who don’t.
  • Deposit 25% of these APT taxes every month into the bank accounts of all adult taxpayers who filed and paid taxes the previous year to help them buy these continually cleaner, healthier, eco-friendlier goods, vehicles and services and to help cushion them from initially higher prices. (Heating, cooling, garbage and military costs guarding overseas oil will drop over time and the bonus — so will healthcare costs due to healthier air, water, food, transportation, homes, workplaces and everyday products!)
  • Use the lion’s share of the other 75%, on a sliding scale,  to create a boom in green jobs, innovation and green chemistry by:
  • Helping millions of low to average income homeowners, renters, businesses and farmers pay for solar panels, wind turbines, non-toxic insulation, carpets, interiors etc.
  • Help with the addition of unemployment benefits to train millions of unemployed Americans, coal miners, oil workers and others in especially impacted industries and areas to install and START their own green businesses installing these same solar panels,  wind turbines and non-toxic carpets, insulation etc.
  • Help millions buy hybrid/electric bicycles, scooter, motorcycles, cars, vans trucks and tractors powered by these same solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Help public transit districts lower fares and expand services with clean energy-powered vehicles and new rural, suburban, urban and inner city routes and services.
  • The result of all this is not only ever less expensive clean energy for everyone else and millions of Americans back at work in new green jobs but across the economy, millions of other Americans will be creating, manufacturing, exporting, selling and buying increasingly cleaner, healthier goods and services of all kinds while working and living in increasingly healthier workplaces and homes.
  • In short, a Green Recovery leads to a  cleaner, healthier, sustainable economy,  America and world.
  • Put another way, by all of us  buying ever cleaner, now less expensive goods and services and saving money, we’ll also be helping save civilization!